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11th May :Trainerz workshop with American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

Trainerz, held a one day workshop on Problem Solving, Decision Making & Creative Thinking on the 11th of May, 2013 for all the Core members of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

Mr. Balaji Srinivasan the Managing Consultant & Director of Trainerz& GM of Raja Group mentioned that this was a unique experience as we had 3 of our facilitators doing this workshop and we tried to blend all the subject learning's in regards utilization on the job for Safety Engineers. Mr. Sampath of American Society of Safety engineers also echoed that the learnings were of immense value to them and would like to look at future Learning modules on other topics.

The Co Facilitators along with Mr. Balaji Srinivasanwere, Dr. Sunil Pevekar, Core facilitator with Trainerz and Mr. Vidyut Shenoy. Both of them eminent faculty of Business schools and running their Learning organizations in India. For more information on Trainerz workshops Mr. Balaji said ,you could log onto our  Website , Email : or Call on 99661083.








Ms.Nada  -  Mr. Babu  -  Mr. Balaji  -  Mr. Vidyut  -  Mr.Sunil  -  Mr. Sampath





"Excellence is not an act , but a habit " – Aristotle

Touristic Park Abbhasiya ,was host to "Experiential Learning" – A Fun Day/Training program held by Trainerz , Kuwait and Outbound training expert Mr Yateen Gharat on 2nd November, 2012 for the employees of Raja Company W.L.L. The event turned out to be very well received as employees showed up with families , friends and very good spirit.

On the 1st November a similar Corporate Experiential learning was held at the Morad Yousuf Behbehani & Sons facilities for the Brand and Stores management Team part of their certificate of Marketing Session by TRAINERZ.

Mr. Yateen Gharat ,CEO of Outdoor Adventure Management handles corporate training ,leadership development , outbound training (few out of his many interests) and has made it his life motto to teach corporate professionals how to effectively face the challenges of the competitive corporate world and instill creativity and new thought into their job.

It comes as no surprise that there was a link up with Trainerz,, the training and consulting division of Raja Company which provides both in-house and on-location trainings in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf .Trainerz , specializing in people development and corporate trainings targets on self development and enhancement of creativity and passion in employees to recharge and build energy levels and bring their best selves to their jobs.

During the day, Mr . Gharath introduced employees to a new form of learning .What moolighted on the surface as "Games", were actually team and leadership exercises to form action-learning. These served as powerful "practice fields" which sharpen critical skills for on the job applications . Participants were able to figure out where they fit in the organization , the significance of their contributions ,how to make mid course adjustments , manage time and the areas they needed to build up on.

November 2 proved to be not just a fun breather for the employees and their families but also gave them insights on personal, professional and team development. Consistent building up on these insights and inward change can definitely help professionals (if not all of us) understand what Aristotle was talking about.

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