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Accreditions and Administrator for the following:

      Myers Brigg Type Indicator - USA

      The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is a widely used assessment which provides insight into one’s personality, motivations, natural strengths, and potential areas of growth. Using a relatively short, non-invasive forced-choice questionnaire, the tool helps individuals gain a conscious understanding of their thinking and communication preferences vis-a-vis other people.

      The MBTI Tool has the following advantages:
      • Is easy to use and cost-effective
      • Is well researched, reliable, and valid
      • Offers a logical model of the consistency of human behaviour
      • Provides neutral and affirmative language to deal with differences
      • Emphasize the value of diversity
      • Identifies assets and blind spots of teams and team members
      • Helps clarify the fit between people and their jobs
      • Is used worldwide
      Saville Consulting - USA

      Saville Consulting develop rigorous and work relevant measuring tools which have transformed traditional approaches to assessment around the world. Which enables clients to achieve outstanding results through new approaches to measuring and exploring the relationship between personal motives, personal talents and the crucial interaction between individuals and their workplace culture.

      Advantages of Saville:
      • Shorter assessment times, greater accuracy and finely tuned measurement
      • Relevant to a wider range of roles and sectors
      • Tailored versions are available, developed around in-house competency frameworks and language
      • Ability to hone in on specific scales where a candidate may have exaggerated or been overly self-critical
      • Enhanced measurement of job performance enabling more precise and confident decision making
      • Greater acceptability and relevance at senior levels
      • Identifies unfulfilled motives and latent talents. This adds insight to feedback and development planning
    Mastering Change for effective Leadership by Adizes Institute, Santa Barbara - USA
    High powered training program designed to expose them to profound yet simple and common sense approaches to management, with a fast track to practical application. This will enable the delegates to become Change Champions in their sphere of work and even in personal life.
    Mastering change addresses issues like:
      • What to do about change
      • Why conflict is inevitable and in fact necessary
      • How to engage in conflict constructively
      • How to communicate with others whose style is different from your own
      • How to make quality decisions
      • How to recognize mismanagement styles
      • How to predict whether decisions will be implemented
      • How to create mutual trust and respect
      • ‘capi’ – the key to implementing decisions

      Age-appropriate solutions based on the Adizes Methodology are naturally more effective and a better fit than the canned “one-size-fits-all” ideas offered by most management consultants.