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Yateen Gharat

CEO- Outbound Adventures- Experiential Learning, Mumbai

Yateen Gharat is dedicated to develop versatile and cohesive work teams to effectively compete in today's business arena. He has experience of over 12 years in the corporate world and over 3 years in corporate consulting for productivity enhancement, internal training and process improvement. He is also a proficient lecturer of experiential learning, leadership development, outbound training, and entrepreneur nurturing skills in various well known B- schools of Mumbai and Pune.

"We are the team of Dedicated, Experienced and Qualified Adventure Experts and professional Outbound trainers, driven with the common goal of training corporate houses to co create versatile & cohesive team units all throughout the company to enable them to face the challenges of highly competitive corporate world, to cope effectively with intense competition, to succeed & to live life happily, with the experience of Team work and Trust through Outbound training."